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Hi! If you would like to check out my current discography, feel free to have a listen! Any support is very appreciated. Thank you! Click Me!

For more music, more fun and all the other good stuff. Be sure to check lukasthompson.neocities.org ! Any news updates will follow

Who am i? My name is Lukas Thompson. I first started making music when i was 13 years old. I used to release tracks on soundcloud with the alias "Null" which nowadays is inactive and a memory that i will always keep in the back of my head. I used to create so many albums in such a short time, i was a music machine! In the span of 2016 till now i must have produced hundreds and hundreds of tracks..... My style back then was mainly influenced by Aphex Twin! Shoutout to Richy

At the end of 2016 i also discovered my favourite musician till this day ("Bogdan Raczynski") Make sure to listen to his music too! Till this day i am releasing music under the musician17, weinennull, amen thompson and sexnine alias. Stay tuned for more!


Here is a list of my current discography!


Oops... You should usually see a discography here... My bad! This part is still under construction!

Your steps turn blue, mine turn red. Once again i am here, your person of interest.